This article expresses a personal opinion and it is made only after some personal experiences. Maybe you don’t agree with me, but also maybe you speak from your perspective (not mine).

In my professional experience, I’ve worked around 4 years on 2 corporations (that type of international company with 100+ employees on a location). It meant a lot for me because here I grew as a specialist. Here I had a lot of different experiences and I understood how to manage them properly.

But also during these experiences, I had moments very stressful and very close to burnout.

It was…

Social media became a significant tool for how we express ourselves.

Even if we want or not, people tend to assess others through social media — at work or in our personal life.

We tend to blame it, but it has an impact on ourselves and in most cases, nobody teaches us what was risked we expose ourselves.

So here are some things I’ve learned:

  • Be active, be present and be consistent. In this way, you can control how you express yourself online and how others can find only true things about you.
  • Be nice and respectful — in real…

I’ve written about gender differences in the past (1 and 2). But now I listened to a very nice interview with a teacher from the Psychology Faculty from Bucharest. I really enjoyed what differences he mentioned — the interview can be seen here. I really liked it because things from it can be applied into the business domain, but also into a romantic relationship. Everything is said with a little bit of humor, but also with a lot of respect.

In Romania, 35% of the management roles are taken by women (in UE, the mean is 37%). The situation is…

During the last year, we talked a lot about resilience. We understood how to cope with the danger and to continue with an almost normal life.

But more than this, resilience is about how you recharge after a crisis, not only how you face it.

This year we felt resilience with a stronger focus on our professional life. Studies found that a lack of recovery is costing our companies over $60 billion a year in lost productivity.

Resilient is not the one who is doing constantly over time, but one day he ”falls”. …

Since I started to do recruitment, I received a lot of job requests from students no matter what company I worked for.

I encourage students to get professional experience. In this way they learn things and they can show their proactivity.

But also I doubt that a job suits every student; maybe an internship or summer practice stages are more appropriate.

Here are some reasons why I don’t think you can have a full-time job during Faculty:

  • Because you don’t have enough knowledge to be productive on a job. …

  • Skipping the facade friendships
  • Cleaning my social media network
  • Closing the notification from all the mobile apps
  • Using essential oils and candles
  • Reading/sharing motivational quotes
  • Buying flowers
  • Listening to the music
  • Reading and writing
  • Eating chocolate, ice cream, or everything is sweet
  • Wearing makeup and using body creams
  • Shopping and wearing new clothes
  • Having a gratitude jar
  • Expressing bad feelings in an assertive way
  • Making presents
  • Don’t hurry

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Linkedin started in 2002 and it aimed to contact the candidate and the employee. It is older than Facebook or Youtube but in Romania it growth more only during the last years.

Today, we can talk about Linkedin as a professional social media network stronger than others. Here you can find information about companies, employees, job openings, news, and events.

If we talk about functionalities, we see some similarities with Facebook: status update, connection requests, profile photo and cover, groups or communities, and recently added the story. But be aware: LINKEDIN IS NOT FACEBOOK. Keep it professional!

It is not…

During the last year, I wrote an article about the inner child.

Even if we are adults, the child has a huge impact on how we feel, on how we think, or how we behave.

And even if it started from our personal life, it can make it visible also into our professional life.

When you were a child, maybe the adults around you did not pay attention to your emotions. This made you express with difficulty how you feel and it increased your emotional intelligence. …

Cartoons are some of the most powerful memories from our childhood. It learn our lessons, it made us feel and it made us dream.

There are not only childhood lessons because most of them can be also applied to us, as adults.

So, let’s see just a few of them.

  • Don’t judge a person by his appearance — Life with Louie
  • Love and enjoy yourself — Johnny Bravo
  • Find the beauty in everything — Winnie the Pooh
  • A person who might look like a friend can be also an enemy — Tom and Jerry
  • Girls Power :D — PowerPuff Girls

Thank you for this recommendation!

Sabina Gavriloaiei

I’m a passionate HR, a talent counselor, and a life-long learner.

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