A holiday for resilience

During the last year, we talked a lot about resilience. We understood how to cope with the danger and to continue with an almost normal life.

But more than this, resilience is about how you recharge after a crisis, not only how you face it.

This year we felt resilience with a stronger focus on our professional life. Studies found that a lack of recovery is costing our companies over $60 billion a year in lost productivity.

Resilient is not the one who is doing constantly over time, but one day he ”falls”. Resilient is the one who works constantly for a long-time.

We all have busy periods, but holidays are important to build our resilience.

Especially during summer, it is important to prepare properly for holidays to be sure we can enjoy them. Let’s see some steps:

  • Plan your holidays. Announce your colleagues, your manager, or your clients at least one month earlier when you will be out of the office.
  • Find a colleague who can be your backup. Train it on your tasks/projects. You can invite him also into your client meetings and arrange a small knowledge transfer for that period.
  • Activate your automatic ”out-of-the-office” reply message and give relevant information there: your contact info (if you want this) or the person who can respond on your behalf.
  • Make a consent with your colleague like if it is urgent — write it on Whatsapp. If it is not urgent, write it by email. In this way, you will be sure that you find urgent information on time.
  • Save all the information you might need somewhere you can access easily. If you work on a document, don’t let it be saved only on your working laptop. Save it also on your email. In this way, you can forward easily it to someone who might be interested in it.
  • If you plan an active holiday (like hiking or visiting some new places), take some days off when you arrive home. It is difficult to ”jump” from your plane to the office — you won’t have time to rest enough.
  • Romanian legislation asks for a two-week vacation (additional other days to a minimum of 21 days per year). We use to take these during summer. But also, I think that is important to have also some small vacations all the years (during, East, during Christmas, during your birthday or other personal events you have). Don’t wait only for summer to rest.

What about you? How do you use your holidays to build your resilience over the years?

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