Sabina-Irina Gavriloaiei
2 min readMar 1, 2024

For many years, I was a very iconic person for FOMO. This refers to a phenomenon observed on social networking sites and it includes two steps — the perception of missing out and compulsive behavior to maintain social connections. This was representative for me probably because I was a good student and I needed to know everything.

Recently, I found out about another concept — JOMO and this became almost a resolution for me.

JOMO means the “joy of missing out”, like slow-down with social media, practicing self-care, reconnecting with the present moment.

What specific actions I take to embraceJOMO:

  • Closed the notifications from all the social media apps on the phone
  • Activate at least as possible internet on the phone
  • Journaling
  • Blogging — although it is made also on a laptop, with online research, my focus here is on content writing and delivering value on subjects related to personal and professional development
  • Observing the daily schedule and make lists of activities I have to do, but don’t like and things I like doing. Multiple activities I like
  • From time to time, plan a day to work from the office instead of remote working
  • Planning offline activities (alone or with a group) — like movies seen at the cinema, going to theatre or concerts, trips
  • Walking in nature and observing trees, flowers, landscapes
  • Verify all the connection requests I receive and accept only relevant people
  • Verify the connections I have and disconnect with people I don’t know
  • Unsubscribe from many newsletters
  • Doing a list with relevant websites and visiting them regularly for updates

I know that these were more intuitive actions (not very scientific-based), but what about you? Are you more of a FOMO or a JOMO? What are you doing for this?



Sabina-Irina Gavriloaiei

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