Looking back to 2023

Sabina-Irina Gavriloaiei
2 min readDec 31, 2023

This years was… a tough one. It was insecure and restless, with a lot of ups and downs.

But as I wished at the end of 2022, I must confess that it brought me relevant people.

I had more moments of being tired or looking for some motivation than the previous ones. Because life is not only in pink and with lights. It has also moments when all you need is… a bed to sleep.

I’ve started to do more sport, I travelled enough, I had quite good human relations.

It was fast and I don’t know when the time flew.

It proved me that if I am patient enough, the reward will came back to me.

Thank you 2023 for all your learning! I’m grateful to you. I feel now stronger and more confident in myself.

2024, please be more kind with me! I am ready now to grow, to accept any change you propose and to enjoy life.

Some numbers: (end of November — to be updated)

  • over 300 interviews took at the job
  • over 100 books read
  • 30 articles publishes on blog, 15 stories on medium, 30+ posts on substack
  • 10 movies seen in the cinema
  • 22 theatre, opera, and concerts
  • 70 learning events and personal development workshops
  • 12 dancing festivals, dancing workshops or projects
  • 8 new sports or physical therapies
  • 3 running competitions completed
  • 2 different therapy processes
  • 2 women’s circles (different of other one-time webinars or trainings)
  • 7 socializing events
(photo from my 33’s anniversary)



Sabina-Irina Gavriloaiei

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